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Birmingham Buzz

The training wheels have officially come off, Value Insurance MGA is out on the road! Did you know our main corporate office is located in Birmingham? Well Hoover really, if you are a local... Part of our mission to bring great Value to the hard working American households is to start creating GOOD jobs in our local communities (sorry Palo Alto). As we build our local Alabama based team of underwriting, claims and customer service professionals, we wanted to share with you some of our success and yes some of our challenges. So here are some numbers for us to enjoy (as of June 15th 2020): Of course we are thrilled with the support of the local agent community and extremely thankful for our new amazing clients, but the metric we really like is that one of those claims, and no it was not a simple windshield damage claim, was closed start to finish in less than 7 days! And so the Birmingham Buzz has started, about the local company that is taking c

Roll With Us

What does Netflix, Airbnb and Value Insurance MGA have in common? They are all great companies that started during an economic recession! Launching a business, any business, is usually a difficult and challenging endeavor, but add a 1 in 100 year economic mega change to the process and what do you get? You see Value Insurance MGA , like many other successful startups, has a fair amount of secret sauce, including well tested and proven leadership, longstanding distribution and market relationships.  So why startup an Auto Insurance MGA? We realized back in 2017 that the number of auto insurers in the marketplace was starting  to contract (mainly due to M&A) and that most of the new startups are focusing on the future of driving, like autonomous vehicles, telematics, shared economy, the list goes on and on.  But who is looking out for the average Joe that intends to having their own regular car and use it in the usual way?  That is wh